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Land Registry Plans

Aspire is dedicated to drawing up Land Registry lease plans and title plans exactly how you want them, as quickly as possible. We cover London and the South East of England.


The staff at Aspire have years of experience in producing Land Registry compliant plans and can usually complete the whole process (from the point you first call us, to your plans being put in the post) in 48 hours.  Draft plans are generally ready within 2-3 of the appointment, and if your job is really urgent, we’ll do our very best to provide a same-day service.


The idea is to show the extent of your rights of use over land and property. This is done with a scaled plan with different coloured areas showing rights of way, communal and private areas.The scaled plan is also shown in the context of the street and surrounding area. The idea being that anyone looking at the plan can understand what is owned and accessed and by whom. All plans produced in accordance with the Land Regsitry Practice Guide.


There’s no problem leaving us to communicate directly with your Conveyancing Solicitor if you wish, as the refined points of this drawing can be confusing.  Our pricing is very competitive and our delivery is fast so please contact us if you need to get a Lease Plan provided.



How to order your plan:


1 - Contact us to arrange an appointment


2 - A surveyor will visit your property to draw the leaseplans


3 - We will email you a draft for approval within 2 working days.


4 - Once approved your completed plans will be sent to you.

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