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Measured Surveys

Accurate floor plans, elevations and sections of existing buildings can be provided for many different purposes. These may include retail refurbishment, residential extensions or Land Registry compliant lease plans.

We can transform any building’s features into true representations in CAD or other digital format. These are created on-site using laser measuring devices as well as traditional survey techniques.


Our staff are well trained in the collection and presentation of internal building dimensions through floor plans, elevations & cross sections. In an enclosed environment we are able to gather and present the relevant information for space planning, renovations, historical records, extensions, and change of use. As well as providing 2D plans for a structure.


Survey Methodology

Surveys are conducted using a hand-held Laser Measure (Lieca Disto D3aBT or Leica Disto D8) coupled via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to a hand-held microcomputer (Viliv X70 UMPC). This approach, which produces the CAD drawing during the survey process, allows us to establish and accurately check all building dimensions while on site.


Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with traditional survey methods.A precision of ± 5mm over 100 metres is achievable with this equipment - giving a normal working accuracy of ± 25mm between any two points after building tolerances have been taken into account.

Gone are the days where two men would hold a sagging tape measure from one end of the room to the other, that old method is history! There are NO more return visits to site due to blunt pencils and inaccurate paper documentation, NO guesswork, NO wrong data documentation, NO sagging tape measures.


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